DMG 3+2 Postprocessor in UG bug fix

Why four or five axis linkage (such as with the drive perpendicular to the ball milling semicircular ball), XYZAC numerical digits will change from three digits after the decimal point into five digits? How to generate three digits after the decimal point program?

AC and other rotating axes can be modified in the post-processing constructor decimal places, XYZ linear axis in the post-processing constructor has been set to decimal point 3, the problem is that the use of “traori” function, the XYZ values have mom_pos converted to mom_mcs_goto, Use the VMOV function, so my method is to open your post-processing file tcl file extension, find the proc VMOV {n p1 p2} function,

Modify as follows:


proc VMOV { n p1 p2 } {
 upvar $p1 v1 ; upvar $p2 v2
   for { set i 0 } { $i < $n } { incr i } {
      set v2($i) [format  "%.3f"  $v1($i)]
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