TechShop Mold Making division, throughout its 20+ years experience, has developed vast experience regarding the rubber molding process, including product design and prototyping, mold design and engineering, as well as mold manufacturing and mold optimization.  We have also experience in manufacturing molds for die casting and plastic parts, as well as in the production of extrusion dies.

The company has also gained valuable knowledge in machining metal precision components out of diverse materials including, among others, aluminum, alloy steel (41 & 43 series), beryllium copper, aluminum bronze, nickel alloys, stainless steel and titanium.  These parts are intended to fulfill the needs of different customers and are used for the most diverse industrial applications.

  • Multi-Deck injection with or without vertical cold runners in injection of up to 4 decks
  • Automated molds that can run without an operator.
  • Automation solutions such as paper feed units for sprue removal for injection transfer molds.

We can offer production solutions for most types of rubber molding applications.  Our manufacturing expertise includes rubber to metal bonding, rubber to plastic and rubber to rubber molding for dual hardness/ compatible compound products. Our team is able to provide you with the best mold design to meet your product specifications and manufacturing requirements.

TechShop offers in house mold tryouts for mold testing and optimization prior to mold shipment. We put at your service our new state of the art RUTIL TECHNOSTAR 250 Injection Rubber machine.

We often work with most injection press manufacturers on turn key projects to provide our customers with a complete solution.
Molds for Rubber Parts

Contract Machined Parts

Fabricated Equiptment

Rubber Products


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