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ProDNC has been designed to be really easy for shopfloor use; easy to use and easy to see by non-computer literate operators. DNC file transfer via serial RS232 to any type of CNC is now easier and quicker than ever… 

ProDNC is available in three different formats – the first format provides "manual" DNC transfer where an operator sets up the CNC machine ready to send or receive and then walks to the computer and selects the file to DNC. The second method is similar to the first, but has full Client/Server control, so the user can use wireless Laptop or notebook devices – now including an Android DNC App – to transfer files, and the third method, whereby DNC transfer is initiated totally at the CNC control, no more walking back and forth between the CNC and the Computer, no more waiting about ready for other files to finish transferring! 

Standard DNC Version

  • Easily send and receive files between your CNCs and your computer.
  • Simultaneous DNC file transfer means no more waiting for other files to upload/download by other operators.
  • For non-simultaneous transfer – just use available com ports or switch boxes as you normally would.
  • Can be used with computer com ports and USB (with the appropriate cable convertor) and wireless/ethernet to RS232.
  • No Com Port – USB to RS232 cables – Keyspan work very well >> Click Here or Here
  • No Com Port – USB Multi Port Serial – BB-Electronics USB – We have heard good things about these >> Click Here
  • Large easy to see interface for easy CNC operator use. >> more
  • Fully integrated NC code editor, unlimited file size, color coded syntax highlighting & NC specific tools. >> more
  • Math transformations on NC code, Resequencing, Desequencing etc. >> more
  • Easily setup CNC protocols with our RS232 Terminal especially designed for debugging CNC data. >> more
  • Same price for 1 or 64 CNC machines – no nasty upgrade shocks! >> more
  • Supports Com1 to Com128
  • ProDNC will DNC and drip-feed unlimited sized files to your CNC.
  • ProDNC supports Blockwise protocol for drip-feeding to Heidenhains
  • ProDNC supports Xmodem protocol for drip-feeding to Haas.
  • New DNC Wizard quickly finds your CNC protocols. >> more
  • Vast array of DNC options and fully supports ASCII/ISO and EIA codesets. >> more
  • Tool restart after a toolbreak – quickly find start block and safe restart code ready to re-send. >> more
  • Merge files to DNC – create merged file from unlimited number of separate NC files. >> more
  • Queue files to CNC machine. Define a list of files and send sequentially to CNC. User definable repeat count.
  • Side by side file compare.
  • Send and receive in binary mode – useful for CNC parameter files storage.
  • Support for tape-punch machines including man-readable tape headers. >> more
  • Copy and Paste DNC settings for rapid setup.
  • View standard DNC features 

Client/Server DNC Version

The client/server edition has all the features of the Standard Edition, but the DNC transfers are controlled by "clients" – programs run on wireless connected Laptops, notepads, and even an Android App – remotely controlling all aspects of DNC transfer via the Server.

  • All DNC transfers, settings, cables, wireless routers and administration is in a central Server location
  • Up to 32 DNC Clients can connect to the Server and via wireless remote control, instruct the DNC transfers.
  • Clients are Windows based on laptops, or we have an Android DNC app that controls the server.
  • ** Please note this product is no longer available **

Remote DNC Version 

ProDNC remote has most of the features as above with these additional ones too…

  • Send and receive files between your CNCs and your computer direct off the CNC control.
  • To send a file to your CNC you create a small program that you edit with the required filename. Send out this file through your CNC RS232, then press receive and the file comes through a short while later. >> more
  • To receive a file back off your CNC insert a single line into your code and just dump out the program from your CNC. ProDNC will save this file away with the supplied filename >> more
  • You can also automatically name files the same as the CNC filename – use the autoname function >> more
  • Any files dumped by CNC operator that are incorrectly formatted are automatically datestamped and saved, you can never lose any of your files because of operator errors!
  • Supports Com1 to Com128
  • Connect up to 64 CNCs.
  • Supports long-filename requests if you have comments on your CNC, numeric filenames if no comments
  • Restart after a toolbreak at exactly the last block sent successfully
  • Queue files for sequential sending to CNC
  • Merge multiple files for sending to CNC
  • Repeat last file sent to CNC "n" times
  • Definable tool-not-found, safe-restart and unknown-command files – send back to CNC for positive feedback
  • New DNC Wizard quickly finds your CNC protocols. >> more
  • You can also "manually" send and receive any file, just like the standard ProDNC edition, at any time.
  • Automatically logs every DNC transfer.
  • Same price for 1 or 64 CNC machines – no nasty upgrade shocks! >> more
  • Remote CNC monitoring lets you view realtime Tool, Part Counter and Percentage complete status>> more
  • Remote DNC requires the use of industry standard multi-port serial cards.
  • View remote DNC features

What you'll get when you download our DNC software

All ProDNC editions are fully functional versions of our DNC file transfer software programs and nothing has been disabled. You can load and/or transfer files with our software a massive 60 days before it will expire. That is more than enough to see if our DNC software is right for you! Click here to download evaluation 

What you need

  • You need a computer with at least a Pentium 200 MHz, 16MB RAM and 4MB disk space.
  • You need Windows 2000, ME, XP, Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1 or Win 10.
  • Works fully on Windows 32 & 64 bit platforms.
  • The client server program will require a standard router to connect the Server to each Client.
  • You need to be able to get our software off the web and transfer the install program to your shop-floor computer. Click here to download evaluation
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