The same full featured CNC Editor, Auto File Compare and Backplot applications, which are included in the integrated Multi-DNC package, are now available in a stand-alone configuration for use on an individual PC.  Now you can edit, view and manage CNC files offline, while production continues online with Multi-DNC.

Product Features
CNC Editor
Full featured editing of large CNC code programs with no artificial limitations to the number of lines in a CNC program.
Standard Windows interface functions make it easy to learn and use.
3D Backplotting
Displays graphic wire-frame tool paths with many viewing options. Graphic manipulation is easy with dynamic zoom, pan, and rotation.
Re-sequence the Program “N” blocks for a selected block or the entire file.
Graphics Calculator
Define oblique triangle solutions, distances between two points, arc calculators and more. Cut and paste answers back into a CNC program.
Run-time Analytics
Calculate approximate CNC run-time, including individual times for all rapid, linear, and circular moves.
File Compare
Locates and highlights differences between the original file sent to a CNC control vs. a changed file sent back to the DNC system.
Printer Friendly
Print compared files side-by-side with all differences highlighted in red.
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