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DELMIA Human Builder is based on a best-in-class human modeling system, which,  for many years, has permitted detailed investigation into human-centered design issues in the context of a workplace before it physically exists. DELMIA Human Builder provides very accurate simulation of humans and their interactions with products to ensure they will operate naturally in a workplace tailored to their tasks. DELMIA Human Builder product specifically focuses on creating and manipulating digital humans for “first  level”  human-product  interaction analysis.

DELMIA Human Builder consists of a number of advanced tools for creating, manipulating and analyzing how manikins (based on the 5th, 50th and 95th percentile value) can interact with a product. The manikins can then be used to assess the suitability of a product for form, fit and function. The manikins can  be intuitively created and manipulated in conjunction with the digital mockup to check features such as reach and vision. A simple-to-use interface ensures   that first-level human factors studies can be undertaken by non-human factors specialists.

Tools contained within the DELMIA Human Builder product include manikin generation, gender specification, percentile specification, direct kinematics and inverse kinematics manipulation techniques, animation generation,  monocular, binocular and ambinocular vision simulation, as well as vision output cones.

Since this deals mostly with the relationships of the Manikins, there is no process, as it deals with the functions of the manikins, therefore it is created as a Product, not a Process.


In this procedure we will review the basics of starting a project.

have the Ergonomics Design & Analysis workbench, Human Builder.

  1. Withthe software open, select File/ New and the New dialog box  Scroll down, and select Product and OK.
  2. Notice all of the icons along the sides of the software; we will review those later inthe  We will insert a product and a resource.
  3. Select in our Menu bar Insert / Existing Component, and click on the word Process in our PPR
  • OurFileSelection Window dialog box appears, in our Resources folder select the CATProduct, and Open. (In our 3 Geometry file)

Followthesame procedure, and Insert the Engine 5 Hp.CATProduct, and the Adjust_Wrench.CATProduct.

  1. Usingthe View Toolbar, Zoom into the  Select the different Icons to change the geometry window view.
  2. Use the two pull down menus (black arrows pointing down) and review Icons from those
  3. Selectthe Shading Icon; this will remove the edges on the engine.

Facilitated Project:

Manikins with an Engine and Workbench

Customizing a Toolbar by adding the Snap and Quick Translate


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