DELMIA Ergonomics – Human Task Simulation

DELMIA Ergonomics Design & Analysis – Human Task Simulation

This shows you how to start a project from the beginning. Our Products and resources consist of parts  that  may  or  may  not  be  grouped  into assemblies. The part data is stored in product structure documents,  which  have a .CATProduct extension.

The difference between a product and a resource consists in how you wish to use them in your process. The end result of the process should be the  creation of a finished product consisting of  the products  listed in the  PPR tree. The resources required during the process should be listed in the resource branch of the PPR tree.

This procedure has two parts:

Loading products Loading resources

In addition to loading resources using the resource context command (as described in this procedure), users may also use the catalog.


In this approach, the user will have the ability to:

  • This is the Have one or more possible tasks for a
  • Human activities under a task belonging to amanikin
  • A top process made of user Physical Activities (top down approach). Taskfor each Manikin can be simulated to get a Time to do the
  • The Posture can be used in Posture Analysis to find which manikin is best suited for thejob


  • The Manikin then best suited can be assigned to the top Process Activity and the Task can be defined as the Active task for that Activity.
  • User Physical Activities that will have Resource Assigned, and if those are Manikins or Robots, also have Active Tasks to be simulated.
  • If the user changes their mind, the Resource Assignment has to be modified, and the Active task designated, No Process redesign is required! Time saving, allows for “what if”scenarios
  • The Resource Centric Approach gives us the ability to use I/0 Handling for a Manikin. (In the V5 IGRIPWorkbench)

This is where we create our project’s  process flow. This tells the story of what we are going to do in this file.

  • We assign (link) from our ProductList and our ResourceList

This is where we import all of  our Products. They would mostly be e.g. car parts (steel, plastic), motors.

This is where we import all of our Resources. This could b chairs, tables, the floor, manikins, tooling, conveyors,  an fixtures.

Any thing that is going to happen with this Resource is stored under its name in the ResourceList. We then link the “whatever action to the activity in our Process. This way we can have multiple “whatever’s” and try the multiple ways in our Process

In our project we will have three manikins a toolbox and miscellaneous tools. We will use various functions and one of the manikins will push the toolbox over to the workstation. The other manikin will take the screwdriver off of the toolbox; bring it over to the table with the engine on it. They will remove two screws, and place the screwdriver onto the table. Then we will disassemble the motor, remove two subparts, and  carry  the  remaining motor over to the other table. The other manikin will work on a assembly while the conveyor is moving, and the other will utilize the functions climbing the stairs, and a ladder. With these functions, we will utilize different workbenches, and functions.


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