DELMIA Robotic Functionalities

Step 11 Creating the Process Plan
Ø Getting familiar with the Project and creating the process
Step 12 Fastener Assignment
Ø Assigning welds to a process activity
Step 13 Assigning the Robot Resources to the Process
Ø Assigning the resources to the process for the flow
Step14 Jogging a Robot
Ø Using the Jog function to move a robots axis
Step15 Creating a Robot Task
Ø Create a Robot Task for the Robot
Step16 Jogging to the Weld Positions
Ø Use the Jogging icon to move to the weld positions
Step 17 Editing the Height of the Robot Riser
Ø Using the part design workbench to edit the height of the riser
Step18 Create and view a Weld Study Analysis
Ø Use the Weld Study Analysis for verification of welds to the robot
Step 19 Robot Controller Profiles
Ø Defining the Robot controller profiles
Step20 Auto Placing Robots
Ø Using the Auto Place for the best position for the robots
Step 21 Robot Envelope
Ø Creating a Robot envelope
Step22 Reach function for the Placement of Robots
Ø Reviewing the Robots location and Reach.
Step23 Reviewing the Teach Dialog box and Edit Weld Points
Ø Reviewing the project through simulation in the Teach a robot
Step24 Tag Transformation for Weld Positions
Ø Using the Tag Transformation to move one of the welds
Step25 Creating VIA Points in the Robot Path
Ø Creating via points within a path.
Step 26 Using the Add Tag Icon
Ø Edit the path, and add a tag
Step27 Using Trace TCP in the Teach Dialog box
ØUsing the Trace function to view the path

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