[CMM]PC-DMIS Tutorial

The purpose of this chapter is to guide you through the process of measuring a part
using the CMM.
The Brown & Sharpe test block was used to create this short tutorial. If this part is
not available to you, any similar part allowing the measurement of several circles
and a cone will be satisfactory. To fully explore the capabilities of PC-DMIS, please
read through this entire chapter and follow along on your system.
The main topics in this chapter include:
Getting Started with a Simple Tutorial
Measuring Features
Using Different Probe Options
Representing a Part Graphically
Working in Manual or DCC Mode

Navigating the User interface

Setting PC-DMIS

Editing a Part Program

Creating Hyperview Reports

Defining Hardware[CMM]

Creating Auto Features

Creating Measured Features

Constructing New Features from Existing Features

Creating Generic Features

Creating and Using Alignments

Dimensioning Features

Scanning Your Part

Inserting Move Commands

Branching by Using Flow Control

Tracking Statistical Data

Inserting Report Commands

Using the file input/output

Using Expressions and Variables

Adding External Elements

Using Master / Slave Mode

Navigating and Displaying Multiple Windows


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