Setting up Mazak CNC for Network File Transfer[MazaCam]

This Tech-Tip shows how to set up the Mazak CNC. In addition, see other documentation on setting up the MazaCAM workstation computer and network.

The illustrations here are for a Matrix control, but the same concepts apply to Fusion and Fusion-Pro.

Note: On the Matrix, the network connector is an RJ45 located in the power cabinet. Sometimes the other end of the cable is not yet connected behind the control screen/keyboard on the front of the CNC. It plugs into the motherboard. On the Fusion, please see MazaCAM Help for additional info.

Please see MazaCAM Utilities Help topic
Network setup/configuration for Fusion/Pro/Matrix

We are using method (B) in that topic (the transfer location is on the MazaCAM workstation computer or a network file-server), which is the recommended method so the CNC machine does not have to be powered on in order to prepare to transfer files.

In this example, we have already set up a transfer-folder on the MazaCAM workstation computer or a network file-
server. That transfer-folder example is referenced on the network as
\\NetServer\CncXfer\Integrex4 and it has sub-folders in it of “FromCNC” and “ToCNC”


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