Virtual Engines Analysis User Manual

Virtual Engines Analyze allows the user to access the results for all engine – test procedure combinations that have been simulated and produce graphical output in terms of standard performance measurements such as power, brake mean effective pressure, brake specific fuel consumption and so forth.  Analyze uses Microsoft Excelä as the graphical environment, allowing workspaces to be saved to file in an XLS format.  An individual user can then access these workspaces directly from Microsoft Excelä for customization.  Various plots can be displayed and any number of engines can be inserted into the Analyze Workspace.  Of course, the number of engines a user can add to a workspace will depend on the available memory on a user’s computer system. Shown in Figure 12, is a sample of the graphical output produced within Analyze.


From Simulation Explorer, Analyze results are located at the following database nodes (see Figure 11):

Projects\project-name\Engines\enginename\test procedurename node or the

Projects\project-name\Test Procedures\test procedurename\engine-name node


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