Virtual Engines TM Simulation Explorer User Manual

Virtual Engines  Explorer Summary

Virtual Engines Simulation Explorer allows the user to view/navigate all Projects, Sub-Projects, Engines and Test Procedures in the simulation database.  Explorer displays a hierarchical tree view of the database as well as a list view of a selected database node.  A subset of the Explorer functionality is provided as a selection mechanism for Design, Analyze, Animate and Dynoscope.  The Simulation Explorer functions similar to the Windows Explorer.  Explorer is also used to monitor submitted simulation tasks.  These simulations appear under the Simulations node within the Simulation Explorer tree view window. The component named “Active” under the simulations node displays any current simulation activity.  The component named “Queued” under the simulations node displays a list of all submissions waiting for execution.  If there are any errors that arise during the simulation task, the associated RPM point will be placed in the “Errored” component under the simulations node.  Analyze results associated with the simulation task can be found in either of the following locations within Simulation Explorer:


Engines\enginename\test procedurename node 

Test Procedures\test procedurename\engine-name node


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