CIMATRON Die Design Tutorial

The Die Application consists of three main processes:
Forming Shapes
Designing the Forming shapes; creating the main forming shapes that will be included in the strip (intermediate
shapes between the flat and the final product). The forming shapes are mainly copies of the master parts which
were changed using the
Bend, Unfold and Unbend operations.

2. Designing the Strip
Nesting, Designing the strip layout, dimensions, carrier, stations (adding forming shapes), creating the Punch,
Trim, etc.,

3. Die Design
Creating the actual die  

DieDesign Wizard
The DieDesign Wizard assists you in setting up a new Die document by prompting you to define the appropriate

DieDesign Features
The following tutorial contains various features of the DieDesign application which were not covered within the
basic and the advanced tutorials.
Blank on Binder
Blank new constraint type
Unbend on Cylindrical Face
Transfer Die – Nesting

DieDesign Advanced

Forming Shapes

Forming Shapes Continued



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