Earth Volumetric Studio Projects

Anisotropic Variography Study

Camp Pendleton Marine Base

Coastal Facility with TOTHC Contamination

Dense and Oversampled Data

Drill Guide and 2D Kriging

Eagle Mountain Dam

Excavation and Tunnelling

Fault Modeling


Hanford Site

Head Data and Seepage Velocity

Lake and Ocean Sciences

Lithologic Geologic Modeling


Modeling LNAPL as a Stratrigraphic Layer

MODFLOW and MT3D Visualization

Railyard Facility Complex Python Scripting

Salt Caverns for Oil and Gas Storage

San Diego Zoo Condors

Stratigraphic Geologic Modeling

TCE Time Domain Kriging

Time Varying Water Table Animation

Total HC at a Painting Facility

Unions-Intersections and Multiple Analytes

Xylene in Non-Vertical Borings


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