ANSYS Composite PrepPost Lectures Trainee

1. Composite Introduction
Composite Materials and Fabrics
Manufacturing Methods and Raw Materials
Numerical Simulation of Composites
Measuring Ply Properties
Failure Indicator

2. ANSYS Composite PrepPost Demonstration
Demonstration of the workflow
Defining a composite layup in ANSYS Composite PrepPost
Loads and Boundary Conditions in ANSYS Mechanical
Solution in ANSYS Mechanical
Composite specific postprocessing in ANSYS Composite PrepPost

3. ANSYS Composite PrepPost Introduction
The Integration in ANYS Workbench
Defining Material Data
Mesh Generation
Named Selections
ANSYS Composite PrepPost Overview
Composite Layup
Summary ACP Introduction
4. Workshop 1 – Introduction to ANSYS Composite PrepPost
5. Workshop 2 – Kiteboard

6. Rosettes
Reference direction by Rosettes
Parallel Rosettes
Cylindrical Rosettes
Edge Wise Rosettes
7. Workshop 3 – Helix

8. The Oriented Element Sets
Oriented Element Sets as basis for the composite layup
Orientation Point and Orientations Direction
Selection Methods
9. Workshop 4 – T-Joint
10. Rules and Edge Sets
Include and Exclude Rules
Different Rule Types
Template Rules
Relative Rules
11. Workshop 5 – Rules

12. Draping
Draping in ANSYS Composite PrepPost
The Draping Algorithm in ANSYS Composite PrepPost
Export Flat Wraps from ANSYS Composite PrepPost
13. Workshop 6 – Draping
14. Solid Modeling
Why Solid Modeling?
The Solid Model Process in ANSYS Workbench
Solid Extrusion Options
Result Evaluation in ANYS Composite PrepPost
Ply Tapering
Snap to Geometry Feature
Extrusion Guides

15. Workshop 7 – Solid composite model workflow
16. Parameters in ANSYS Composite PrepPost
Defining input and output parameter
Parametric design studies
17. Optional Workshop 9 – Parameters in ACP
18. Failure Criteria
19. Progressive Failure and Crack Growth Analyses
Progressive Damage
20. Optional Workshop 10 –Delamination and Debonding
21. Optional Workshop 11 –Composite Submodelling

22. Optional Workshop 12 – temperature dependent material
23. Tips and Tricks
Ply numbering in ANSYS Composite PrepPost


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