WORKNC Training Guide CAD Surface Model Advance

This manual presents advanced key concepts concerning WorkNC G3 CAD mode (formerly known as
WorkNC-CAD in its stand-alone version). The particular examples given in the manual may not concern all
users or applications of WorkNC G3 CAD mode. The main goal of this manual is to provide users with the
tools (knowledge and concepts) that may be applied to specific problems that they may encounter when
working with WorkNC G3.
At the end of the training session, the user should be able to:
 Manage CAD files
 Create points or lines on surfaces
 Copy/Paste entities
 Use mold and die functions
 Add texts and symbols on a drawing
 Hatch areas
 Use the explode functions
 Use the print/plot functions
 Cutsomize the CAD mode

 Pump_body_initial.xdw
 Pump_body.xdw
 Pump_body_skewed.xdw
 Shoe.xdw
 Cooling.xdw
 Sort_radii.xdw
 Adjust_fillet.xdw
 Dimensions.xdw
This training manual, in addition to the CAD Basic training, is not a comprehensive manual. For more help you
can go to our online help or read our other training manuals.


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