WORKNC Training Guide CAD Surface Model Basic

This manual presents the basic key concepts concerning the CAD mode (formerly known as WorkNC-CAD in its stand-alone version). The CAD mode has been designed to work on three-dimensional parts and data. It has functionality that may be complimentary to your existing CAD application.

The particular examples given in the manual may not concern all users or applications of the CAD mode. The
main goal of this manual is to provide users with the tools (knowledge and concepts) that may be applied to
specific problems that they may encounter when working with WorkNC for the first time.
At the end of the training session, the user should be able to:
 Create and open CAD files,
 Manipulate parts in the Viewing Area,
 Manage layers,
 Create and edit wireframe entities,
 Create and edit surfaces,
 Move and copy entities,
 Use mold functions,
 Create a workzone from a CAD file.
 Pump_body.xdw
 Surface_creation.xdw
 Surface_edition.xdw
This training manual is a basic instruction guide for the CAD mode of WorkNC, but it is not a comprehensive
manual. For more help you can go to our online help or read our other training manuals.


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