WorkNC Training Guide Holders & Tools

This manual presents key concepts concerning Holder and Tool management in WorkNC. The particular
examples given in the manual may not concern all users or applications of WorkNC. The main goal of this
manual is to provide users with the tools (knowledge and concepts) that may be applied to specific problems
that they may encounter when working with WorkNC.
At the end of this training session, you should be able to:
 Create tool holders in the Tool Holder Library
 Define a tool from the Toolpath Parameters menu
 Define a tool using the Tool Library
 Draw and import custom cutter profiles
 Determine the maximum profile for a holder

The Tool Holder Library feature is a graphic interface utility which allows the profile of a tool holder of any
shape to be created and edited. The contents of this Library can then be used by the Tool Holder Collision
Detection function for selected toolpaths.
WorkNC allows you to calculate the collision free minimum length of cutters with respect to a toolpath and a
particular tool holder. In this context, the Tool Holder Library proposes several functions allowing the user to
select, define or determine the appropriate Tool Holder for a given job.
 It facilitates the selection of already defined holders for a toolpath.
 It allows you to define holders, components and their connections.
There are two ways of accessing the Tool Holder Library.
It can be started as an autonomous application to build a tool holder database


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