PartMaker User Manual – Turn

Turn Tutorial Part Introduction
This tutorial is designed to help you learn some of the most common PartMaker commands and features you’ll use every day. The illustration on the following page represents a typical task you might perform. The name of this part is Turn demo.
You’ll create the Turn demo part in this chapter using
This tutorial is presented to cover both inch and metric data entry. Inch units are presented as the primary unit to enter and metric values are presented in parentheses.

Here are the major steps you will follow to create the Turn tutorial part:
Start PartMaker
Define the stock boundaries for the face window
View tool information for the part
View cycle information for the part
Select a material for the part
Setup defaults for Turn
Create Geometry
Perform Turning operations
Face the front of the part to finished length
Define the hole for a drilling cycle
Define the profile for an external turning cycle
Define a groove for an internal grooving cycle
Define an internal threading cycle
Create a cut-off operation
Generate the Process Table
Simulate the cutting of the part
Select a post processor
Generate an NC Program


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