I-DEAS Tutorials Fundamental Skills

Introducing the I-DEAS Interface
Learn about:
mouse buttons
applications and tasks
using the online tutorials

Sketching and Constraining
Learn how to:
sketch using the Dynamic Navigator
create constraints

Creating Swept Features
Learn how to:
create a swept part or feature
use variational sweep with wireframe
use variational sweep with part edges

Using Catalogs and Parameterized Parts
Learn how to:
create parameterized parts
store catalog parts and features
use catalog parts and features
create a family table

Simplifying Assembly Display
Learn how to:
hide and show instances
suppress instances
abstract instances
color-code instances
prune and unprune

Adding Fillet, Shell, and Draft Features
Learn how to:
add draft features
add fillet features
use the Ball Corner Fillet option
add shell features

Creating Patterns
Learn how to:
create a rectangular pattern
create a rectangular pattern with unequal spacing
create a circular pattern

Using Reference Geometry
Learn how to:
use reference points
create features on curved parts

Selecting Entities
Learn how to:
turn entities and labels on/off
select part geometry

Adding Features with Associativity
Learn how to:
create relationships using Focus
create relationships by matching dimensions
use simple equations
add and delete relationships

Creating Lofted Features
Learn how to:
create a lofted part or feature
loft between part faces (and control connecting lines)
loft using part partitions

Creating Basic Machine Parts
Learn how to model these parts:
mounting plate
drawer slide support
tie-down strap
support arm
shaft bearing

Managing Parts in Model Files
Learn how to:
create and name bins
name and manage parts
make copies of parts
get information about parts
delete a bin

Modeler Troubleshooting
Learn how to:
recover invisible features
correct invalid sections
repair deleted faces
insert features
replay part to find errors

Using History Access to Modify Features
Learn how to:
select nodes on the history tree
add and delete edges to fillet features
insert a feature using History Access
suppress features

Modifying Features
Learn how to:
select features directly
modify feature parameters
modify dimensions
modify a feature’s wireframe geometry
modify a section underlying a feature

Modeling Open Parts
Learn how to:
create open parts
set material side
perform join operations
perform cut operations
create a solid from an open part

Getting a Part’s Geometric Information
Learn how to:
measure distances between points, lines, and
measure virtual geometry
measure angles
use measurement results in another command
list information about part geometry
calculate surface area, volume, and mass

Quick Tips to Using I-DEAS
Learn about:
part modeling
data management


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