InventorCAM Mill-Turn Training

Turning Operation
This operation enables you to turn a longitudinal or facial profile.
The resulting tool path can either use the turning cycles of the CNC-machine, if they exist, or it can generate all the tool movements. If the tool movements are generated by the program, then minimum tool movements length is generated taking into account the material boundary in the beginning of the particular operation. The profile geometry is adjusted automatically by the program, if needed because of the tool shape, to avoid gouging of the material

The Mill-Turn module enables you to use all types of milling operations to generate the tool path for the driven too

Face Milling Operation
This operation enables you to machine large flat surfaces with face mill too

Profile Operation
You can mill on or along a contour. The profile geometry can be open or closed. In profile milling you can optionally use tool radius compensation to the right or to the left side of the geometry. InventorCAM offers two types of profiling:
• Milling a single profile to the specified constant or variable depth in one step or in several userdefined down steps.
• Concentric profiles to the specified constant or variable depth; this type of profiling generates several concentric profiles that
start from the defined clear offset distance from the profile, and finish on the profile geometry, thus clearing the area around the profile to a constant depth.

Advanced Mill-Turn: Exercise

This exercise illustrates the entire capabilities of the mill turn process for machines with two spindles, B axis head, and lower turret.
1. Load the Autodesk Inventor Part
Browse to open the Autodesk Inventor part AMT_Exercise1.ipt.

2. Define InventorCAM Settings
Click InventorCAM 2016 > CAM Settings.
In the left pane, click CAM -Part.Ensure you keep the settings


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