InventorCAM Tutorial – Port Machining

The goal of this course is to teach you how to use InventorCAM’s Port Machining to machine a simple and complex port. This tutorial covers the basic concepts of Port Machining. Once you have developed a good foundation in basic skills, you can refer to the online help for information on the less frequently used options.

Port Machining
The Port Machining operation is an easy to use method for machining ports with tapered lollipop tool, and has collision checks for the entire tool (shank, arbor, and holder). You can choose to cut the top only, the bottom only, and specify how much stock to leave on the entire port. It uses 3-Axis machining as far into the port as possible, and then switches to 5-Axis motion. Smooth transitions are created where the tool paths meet at the middle of the port. It provides both roughing and fnishing tool paths to make ports from castings or billet.

CAM-Part Defnition

The CAM-Part defnition process for the part consists of the following stages:
CAM-Part creation. At this stage, you have to defne the CAM-Part name and location.InventorCAM defnes the necessary system fles and a folder to allocate the place to store InventorCAM data.
CNC-controller definition. It is necessary to choose the CNC-controller. The controller type influences the Coordinate System defnition and the Geometry defnition.
Coordinate System definition. You have to defne the Coordinate System, which is the origin for all machining operations of the CAM-Part. You can create multiple CoordSys positions and in each machining step select which CoordSys you want to use for the
Stock and Target definition. It is necessary to defne a boundary of the stock that is used for the CAM-Part machining. InventorCAM enables you to defne the model of the part in its fnal stage after the machining.

Stock and Target Defnition

iMachining Operation

Roughing Operations

Finishing Operations


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