As the number of CAE simulation analyses is constantly increases and the complexity of CAE
modeling is getting higher, the need for tools that will be able to check the integrity of models
becomes crucial. Under this demand, preprocessors are trying to include as many integrated
checks as possible, in order to explore the definition of models and discover invalid definitions that will certainly lead to unsuccessful simulations. ANSA following that necessity, supports a great number of checks that cover both general and solver-specific needs. However, it is almost
impossible to cover all the use cases of every solver, discipline or customer. Thus, ANSA has
developed a process based on user script functions that allow setting up any custom check.

The tutorial assumes a basic knowledge of the Python programming language. The user must be
familiar with the ANSA terminology and interface and for the purpose of this tutorial the version
14.2.0 or later must be used

The following tutorial will describe the creation of a simple check using Check Manager. The same check will then be created as standalone. The check will identify PSHELL, PSOLID and PBEAM properties of NASTRAN deck, whose name contains blank spaces or any given special character specified by the user, and optionally names that contain numbers. The fix will substitute the special characters with underscore characters and will remove any identified numbers.


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