This tutorial describes the main functionality of the Task Manager for the setup of an ABAQUS
template of the door hinges stability load cases, starting from a prepared mesh and Biw connections and ending to a ready-to-run model.
The steps described in this tutorial include:
Generating the task from scratch
Running the task

Initially, it consists of a whole BiW , Door and Hinges parts which are loaded as separate databases.
The task produces three load cases:
overopening, Drop-off-Sag in opened and closed position of door.
The final model contain a part of BiW and all other modeling steps needed for the load
cases: refinement, assembly of sub models,contacts, steps and loads definitions.

2. Prepare the task from scratch
This session presents the functionality that is used to generate the task items in order to define the
modeling steps to produce valid Abaqus files.
Before starting to build-up the task, the user should define the DM path in order to facilitate the
following actions. Use Containers>
DM>Set DM Paths and activate Add button to select
../tutorials/TaskManager/tutorial_files /ABAQUS_DM/ directory.
2.1 Common Model
The first task stage contains the task items that are common for all load cases: Merge sub models,
refinement in crucial areas and assembly of sub models.


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