This tutorial provides an overview of using the Section Forces tool of META, the capabilities and features of the tool are by no means exhausted within this tutorial.
The steps described in this tutorial include:
Loading data and results
Calculation of Section Forces within META for a user-defined Section
Graphically displaying of Force and Moment vectors on the 3D model
For a section predefined in the input file a comparison, force results calculated by META will be plotted in the 2D Plot tool to be compared to those output by the solver in the time-history file

The calculation of section forces at selective model regions proves to be an important aspect to accurately forecast a structure’s behavior and monitor the way forces are transmitted within it. Sections need to be defined in the input file for results to be calculated by the solver for post-processing. It would be helpful to have a graphical display of the vectors of Section Forces and
Moments to give the analyst an insight into their magnitude and direction. Additionally it would be helpful and time-saving if these could be calculated within a post-processor in areas of interest omitted in the input file, without the need to revert to the pre-processor for setting-up and performing another model solving iteration.
In this tutorial the way to address the above issues within the Section Forces tool will be demonstrated: Forces on a user defined cross section of the model will be calculated by the tool, graphically visualised in the 3D display and the results will be plotted in the 2D Plot tool of META.
Finally, the accuracy of the calculations will be verified by comparing, in the 2D field, the results of META against those extracted in the time-history file of the solver.

META Tutorials – 2D PLOT

This tutorial highlights some of the most commonly used META features related to the 2d Plot tool.
Not all capabilities are demonstrated in this tutorial. The user may also refer to META User’s Guide for the functionality of META and detailed description of functions and procedures.

The purpose of this tutorial is to exploit the main functions of the 3d Plot tool through a crash analysis example.


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