This tutorial presents in detail all the steps needed to perform sensitivity morphing. Introducing the method that will allow the visualization of sensitivities through contour plots and performing several modifications will produce a set of smoothed sensitivities.
Application of direct morphing with the use of Deform Map tool in areas of the model based on
importance of sensitivity and user selection.
The process is solver independent and currently is working with a variety of formats of sensitivity
results obtained from OpenFOAM, FLUENT and other solvers. The sensitivities used can be either
element or node based depending on the user preference.
The steps described in this tutorial are:
Read the ANSA database containing the geometry of the vehicle.
Plot and visualize the sensitivities on the model surface.
Smooth and modify the sensitivity ranges.
Morphing the surface of the model using direct technique based on Deform Map.
Due to the fact that in most sensitivity files there is no definition of the node or element ID that
corresponds to the sensitivity it is important to always import the respective OpenFOAM or Fluent
mesh before applying the sensitivities. In this tutorial however, we make use of a simplified model
of surface mesh which is saved as an ANSA database and not the original solver mesh file due to
the size of it.


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