BASIC ANSA – Geometry Cleanup and Shell Meshing

This tutorial presents in detail all the steps taken to read a CAD file, perform geometry cleanup, as
well as some geometry simplification, in order to create a good quality shell mesh.
The steps described in this tutorial include:
Read the IGES file with different tolerance settings and assess the results.
Geometry cleanup, closing gaps, modification or creation of new Faces etc.
Optionally, repeat the previous step with the help of automatic cleanup functionality.
De-featuring, removing details such as small holes and fillets.
Meshing the parts with an element length of 10 mm
Improving mesh by manually optimizing the shape of the Macro Areas

Reading the 4 pages of section Introduction and Getting Started document is recommended in
order to obtain a familiarization with the ANSA interface and terminology

Problem description
The geometry of the part is shown here in its final state.Note that the part consists of more than one Properties, as shown in different colors


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