ANSYS Mechanical APDL Technology Demonstration Guide

Chapter 1: The purpose of these technical demonstration problems is to encourage you to take advantage of the
extraordinarily broad simulation capabilities of ANSYS Mechanical APDL. The real-world problems
showcase the features and effectiveness of Mechanical APDL by presenting a series of analyses from a
variety of engineering disciplines.
The problems are more substantive and complex than examples found in the standard documentation
set. The documentation thoroughly examines the physics involved with each problem and the considerations necessary for translating problems into numerical models. Approximation issues, accuracy
considerations, and recommended practices are discussed.

Chapter 2: Nonlinear Analysis of a 2-D Hyperelastic Seal Using Rezoning

Chapter 3: Nonlinear Transient Analysis of a Camshaft Assembly

Chapter 4: Simulation of a Lumbar Motion Segment

Chapter 5: Fluid-Pressure-Penetration Analysis of a Sealing System

Chapter 6: Delamination of a Stiffened Composite Panel Under a Compressive Load

Chapter 7: Rocket Nozzle Extension Simulation: Fabrication

Chapter 8: Rocket Nozzle Extension Simulation: Operation

Chapter 9: Nuclear Piping System Under Seismic Loading

Chapter 10: Brake Squeal Analysis

Chapter 11: Calibrating and Validating a Hyperelastic Constitutive Model

Chapter 12: Reliability Study of a Composite Overwrapped Pressure Vessel

Chapter 13: Dynamic Simulation of a Nuclear Piping System Using RSA Methods

Chapter 14: Ring-Gear Forging Simulation with Rezoning

Chapter 15: Thermal-Stress Analysis of a Cooled Turbine Blade

Chapter 16: Evaluation of Mixed-Mode Stress Intensity Factors and T-stress for 3-D Surface Flaws

Chapter 17: Centrifugal Impeller Analysis Using Cyclic Symmetry and Linear Perturbation

Chapter 18: Transient Dynamic Analysis of a Digger-Arm Assembly

Chapter 19: Dynamic Simulation of a Printed Circuit Board Assembly Using Modal Analysis Methods

Chapter 20: Impact of a Metal Bar on a Rigid Wall

Chapter 21: Buckling and Post-Buckling Analysis of a Ring-Stiffened Cylinder Using Nonlinear Stabilization

Chapter 22: Rotordynamics of a Shaft Assembly Based on a Representative Model of Nelson-Vaugh Rotor

Chapter 23: Viscoelastic Analysis of an All-Ceramic Fixed Partial Denture

Chapter 24: Modal Analysis of a Wind Turbine Blade Using Beam Elements

Chapter 25: Modal and Harmonic Frequency Analyses of an Automotive Suspension Assembly Using CMS

Chapter 26: Hydrostatic Fluid Analysis of an Inflating and Rolling Tire

Chapter 27: Cardiovascular Stent Simulation

Chapter 28: Nonlinear Analysis of a Rubber Boot Seal

Chapter 29: Hot-Rolling Structural Steel Analysis with 3-D Rezoning

Chapter 30: Friction Stir Welding (FSW) Simulation

Chapter 31: Acoustic Analysis of a Small Speaker System

Chapter 32: Fitting Parameters for a Chaboche Kinematic Hardening Model

Chapter 33: Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Simulation

Chapter 34: Analysis of a Piezoelectric Flextensional Transducer in Water

Chapter 35: Wire Bonding Ultrasonic Transducer

Chapter 36: Dynamic Simulation of a Nuclear Island

Chapter 37: Elastoplastic Creep Analysis of Lead-Free Solder Bumps

Chapter 38: VCCT-Based Crack-Growth Simulation of a Composite Laminated T-Joint

Chapter 39: Bolt Thread Simulation

Chapter 40: Large-Deformation Neo-Hookean Analysis (via UserMat Subroutine)

Chapter 41: Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) with Thermal Effect

Chapter 42: Acoustic Analysis of a Viscothermal Resonator

Chapter 43: Contact Surface Wear Simulation


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