CFDRC CFD-Maxwell Tutorials

Tutorial 1 Single Stripline 3D Model Creation and FVTD EM Simulation 
Tutorial 2 Single Curved Stripline 3D Model Creation and FVTD EM Simulation 
Tutorial 3 Even and Odd Mode Impedance Calculation of a Shielded Microstrip Line Pair 
Tutorial 4 Scattering of a Plane EM Wave on a PEC Infinite Cylinder

The full procedure of Three-Dimensional (3D) Transient Electromagnetic Simulation of an arbitrary object consists of three basic steps:
1. Building a 3D Model using CFD-Micromesh or CFD-GEOM
2. Simulation setup performed in Maxwell-GUI.
3. Post-processing and viewing results using CFD-VIEW and curve plotters. 


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