CFDRC CFD-Micromesh Tutorials

The CFD-Micromesh interface consists of the following elements:
• Title Bar
• Status Line
• Layer List
• Layout Window
• Menu Bar
• Tool Bar

Tutorial 1 Linear Comb Resonator 
Tutorial 2 Tesla Valve 
Tutorial 3 Importing GDSII Layout and SIPPs Process Description

The process used in CFD-Micromesh to build a 3D computational model is automatic. There are two basic methods for 3D model creation. The first, more general method, is based on volumetric pixels (voxels) which are used to create a solid model. The voxels, which are tiny cubic blocks, are used to construct the solid shapes.
Next, smoothing techniques are used on the the voxel created surfacesto create the model’s 3D discretization mesh.Voxel resolution, which CFD-Micromesh allows you to define, is therefore key to model accuracy.
The second method of automatic 3D model creation directly uses the geometrical mask shapes and the layer thickness information to create 3D solid blocks. This method does not use voxels and therefore is not limited by the voxel resolution, and also the 3D model generation is much faster. This method allows you to obtain 3D structured computational meshes for numerical simulations.
The second method, however, is limited to the projects which use only rectangular shapes in their masks. The rectangular mask components may be used in any combination as long as their position is aligned in parallel to x and y axes (rectangles cannot be twisted in the x-y plane)


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