FABmaster Macro Command Interpreter


The FABmaster software FABmaster Macro Command Interpreter FABMACRO memorises a sequence of commands in a file that can then be activated when required.  The macro command interpreter is useful for programming machines or if using FABmaster as an interactive Repair Station.

A sequence of steps can be memorised as a macro to program machines.  FABmaster will memorise everything the user does in “learn” mode.  A macro file is in FABmaster macro language and consists of simple commands describing the steps to be followed.

Macros cannot run third party software that requires user input.  This means the text editor or a utility like Norton Commander cannot be used if creating a macro file.  However, a FABmaster command needing user input can be used when generating, for example, neutral file output to a user-defined file.

Macro files are usually generated using third party software that accesses and manages repair data from the tester.

FABmaster Macro Language

FABmaster macro files are ASCII text files with the suffix .mac.  They are created by means of a text editor or with third party software. Macros can control most graphics features plus many keyboard functions available on FABmaster.

Before writing macro files, the user should be familiar with FABmaster key commands.  Most commands can be used in a macro including the Data Screen commands to select datums, parts, nails (for testers) and insertion path data (for assembly or pick & place machines), to generate output data, etc.

! FABmaster needs the first 3 letters of a macro command only, but to facilitate the user’s understanding of the file, the word continues in lower-case in the macro file when it is edited, e.g. RESet = macro RES, AUToinsert = macro AUT.

Basic information about macro command syntax is found in the section ‘For Your Information’ at the beginning of this document.


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