PowerMILL Getting Started

PowerMILL is the world’s leading specialist NC CAM software for manufacturing complex shapes typically found in the toolmaking,automotive, and aerospace industries.
Key features:
Wide range of milling strategies which include high-efficiency roughing, high-speed finishing, and 5-axis machining techniques.
Fast calculation times for toolpath creation and postprocessing.
Powerful editing tools to ensure optimum performance on the machine tool.
Getting Started guide provides step-by-step instructions that highlight some of the features of this versatile software.
It is assumed that you know how to operate your machine tool and how to select suitable tools and cutting conditions. If you are unsure about any aspect of operating your machine tool,consult an expert or seek advice from your machine tool supplier.
The machining parameters used in the examples in this guide illustrate the effects of different commands and options in PowerMILL.
The values given are not necessarily suitable for cutting on a CNC machine. If you wish to machine any parts based on the examples given, carefully review and adjust the parameters to ensure safe cutting conditions.

Setting up your working directories

Cavity mold example

NC program

Creating a roughing toolpath

Creating the rest roughing toolpath

Closing the roughing session

Creating a finishing toolpath

Creating the Corner Finishing toolpath

Writing NC programs


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