PowerMILL Training Course 3-Axis

1. Getting Started
This course covers the 3-Axis functionality available in PowerMILL. Additional Five
license options are covered on a separate course.
PowerMILL can quickly create gouge-free cutter paths on imported component
data. It supports Wireframe, Triangle, Surface, and Solid models created by other
Delcam products or from neutral formats such as IGES. If the relevant Delcam
translators are purchased, PowerMILL will also directly import data
created by other proprietary CAD packages.

2. Machining Set Up in Detail
3. Area Clearance Strategies
4. Finish Machining Strategies
5. Leads and Links
6. Boundaries
7. Levels and Sets
8. Editing Toolpaths
9. Collision Checking
10. Patterns
11. Curve Editor
12. 2D Machining
13. NC Programs
14. Setup Sheets
15. Specialist Finishing
16. Component Thickness
17. Stock Models
18. Macros & User Menus
19. Tutorials


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