Hyperworks HyperForm Fundamentals of Sheet Metal Formability

 Test your Sheet Metal Fundamentals

In This Chapter:
Manufacture and processing of sheet metals
Determination of the mechanical properties of sheet metal
Basic modes of deformation in stamping
Defects in stamping
Tests of formability
Basics of draw die development
Press actions
Advanced forming processes and technologies
Review: State-of-the-Art in Forming Simulation Technology 

In This Chapter:
Workshop – Mechanical Properties of Sheet Metal Materials
Part 1: Review Typical Uni-Axial Force/Extension Data
Part 2: Derive Engineering Stress / Engineering Strain Data
Part 3: Derive True Stress/True Strain Data
Part 4: Derive True Stress/True Plastic Strain

Workshop  – Practical Assessment of the Post-Formed State
Part 1: Identify and Measure Major and Minor Axes
Part 2: Calculate Major and Minor Strains
Part 3: Plot Major Strains Against Minor Strains
Parts 4 and 5: Identify the Mode of Deformation


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