PolyWorks IMAlign Reference Guide 3D Image Alignment

 IMAlign is a software tool for aligning sets of 3D Images into a unique coordinate system.

1. Overview
This section provides an overview of the IMAlign module, presents its graphical user interface, and describes its basic functions.
2. Importing Objects and Managing Projects
This section explains the process of importing your 3D digitized datasets in IMAlign and using them to create 3D Images. The image creation process may be automatic or it may require assistance from the user – it all depends on the type of 3D digitized datasets. IMAlign allows you to import 3D digitized datasets produced by any 3D digitizer.
This section also explains how to import other objects (e.g., Polygonal Models, Image Reference Points, Global Reference Points) and how to manage IMAlign Projects.
3. Using the Object Tree
This section explains how to manipulate objects in the object-oriented Tree View pane.
4. Controlling the Display
This section describes IMAlign visualization capabilities.
5. Selecting and Editing Objects
This section describes the tools for selecting and editing objects.

6. Selecting and Editing Object Elements
This section describes the tools for selecting and editing the points of 3D Images and the triangles of Polygonal Models.
7. Aligning 3D Images
This section presents IMAlign methods for aligning 3D Images.
8. Comparing 3D Images
This section presents tools for comparing 3D Images. These tools are useful for evaluating alignment accuracy.
9. Exporting Objects
This section describes the export operations available in IMAlign.
10. Automating tasks
This section briefly mentions the possibilities in IMAlign, and refers to the Macro and SDK Reference Guide.


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