PolyWorks IMView Inspection Project and Polygonal Model Viewer

1. Overview
This section explains how to start IMView either from the PolyWorks/Workstation Manager (WM) or as a standalone module. It also presents the PolyWorks browser which is available if using IMView from within the WM. Finally, it presents the three different IMView modes (no object, view polygonal models, and view inspection projects) and the menu and toolbar items common to all modes.
2. IMView Basics
This section explains basics common to viewing polygonal models and inspection projects, such as controlling the display, transforming objects in the 3D scene, undo ing operations, and more.
3. Viewing Inspection Projects
This section explains how to view simply and quickly the inspection results contained in an IMInspect Project, create new report items, and export report items or incorporate them in existing or new formatted reports. All of the functionalities of the EZLay out tool are available for creating report Layouts and formatted reports. New Layouts can be exported to disk and then used in other inspection projects.
Users familiar with the IMInspect module will recognize the operations offered in the menu bar and the object tree shortcut menus. Users not familiar with IMInspect will
find in the appendixes a description of all of the menu items that are not described in Sections 1 thru 4.
4. Viewing Polygonal Models
This section explains how to view polygonal models.


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