PolyWorks Reference Guide Modeling & Inspection for 3D Digitizers

1. Overview
This section introduces PolyWorks – a comprehensive modeling and inspection software suite for 3D digitizers. The PolyWorks process is presented, as well as how each processing step is related to the particular PolyWorks module that performs the function.
2. Organization of the PolyWorks Documentation
This section presents the list of PolyWorks manuals and describes related conventions and terminology.
3. The PolyWorks/Workspace Manager
This section shows how to use the PolyWorks/Workspace Manager (WM) to launch PolyWorks modules, install software keys, or pop up the on-line documentation in Adobe Reader.
4. The PolyWorks Graphical User Interfaces
This section presents important information you should know about the PolyWorks
user interfaces. You will learn how to rotate and translate 3D data, change materials
and lights, or configure your interface.


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