Polyworks Translators and Slicing Utilities & Workspace Manager

1. Polygonal Translators
This section describes the polygonal translation strategy. Features specific to particular formats are also presented.
2. Image Translators
This section describes InnovMetric Software’s image translators.
3. IMConvert and IMSlice
This section shows how to use IMConvert and IMSlice for polygonal format conversion and slicing.

The PolyWorks/Workspace Manager (WM for short) makes using PolyWorks modules and managing files easy.
The WM manages a PolyWorks process from beginning to end, offering simple navigation tools between modules and easy process workflows for new users.
The WM contains your input files and PolyWorks Projects, as well as files created as a result of the PolyWorks process. It also offers quick access to PolyWorks modules, Projects, or data.


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