CFDesign examples guide

This book contains 19 example models to help you become accustomed to working with CFdesign. In most cases, geometry is supplied in Parasolid and Acis formats as well as for specific CAD systems: Pro/Engineer Wildfire, Inventor, Solid Edge, SolidWorks, UGNX, CATIA v5, CoCreate One Space Designer, and SpaceClaim. If any of these CAD systems is available, then open the supplied CAD model and launch directly into CFdesign from the CAD system. The Parasolid and Acis formats can be opened directly by CFdesign, and do not require a CAD system.

Seventeen of the exercises start with geometry, and list step-by-step instructions
for setting up, running, and viewing results. The Viewing Results exercise is sup
plied with a completed analysis, and focuses entirely on results visualization. The
Projects and Analyses exercise focuses on using CFdesign for design changes. A
simple analysis is set up, run, and added to a new project. A design change is than made and added to the project. After running the second analysis, the results are compared using the Design Review Center.

The examples do not have to be worked in any particular order, but they are
ordered (loosely) in ascending complexity and model size.

The Faucet, the HVAC model, the two Electronic Cooling models, the Heat
Exchanger, the Hot Rod, the Projects exercise, and the Results Viewing exercise
require just the Basic module of CFdesign.

The Transient Valve, Solar Heating, and the Bullet examples require the Advanced module of Solver. Advanced is an additional set of functionality that includes transient, compressible, and scalar models.

The Centrifugal Pump, Axial Fan, Process Oven, Axial Check Valve, Angular Check Valve, Oscillating Antenna exercises, and the Nutating Flow Meter require the Motion Module. This module incorporates the motion of solid objects in the flow.

2: The Basic Faucet
3: HVAC Duct System
4: Electronics Cooling:Forced
5: Electronics Cooling: Buoyancy
6: Heat Exchanger
7: External Aerodynamics–Car
8: Projects
9: Viewing Results
10: Transient Heat Transfer:Valve
11: Solar Heating
12: External Compressible Flow
13: Centrifugal Pump
14: Axial Fan (Periodic Symmetry)
15: Conveyor Oven
16: Axial Check Valve
17: Oscillating Antenna
18: Angular Check Valve
19: Raising an Oscillating Antenna
20: Nutating Flow Meter


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