DELMIA Training – Human Option

With a basic ability to work within the V5 software, this Specialist course in Human Options will introduce you to the initial aspects of preparing a self-contained human simulation for an Assembly project. The assumption is that the software is going to be used in a standalone mode, not connected to the Manufacturing Hub, and not using other DELMIA Software such as Process Engineer. Other courses will address the interface of the Hub and additional software configurations.

The Human Options software provides an accurate simulation of humans and their work environment to ensure natural operation tailored to the necessary tasks. The software consists of a number of tools (such as Human Builder) that allow you to create, manipulate and analyze how manikins interact with a product and environment.

The exercise for learning this simulated world is a 3.5 HP Engine. This project-centered methodology allows you to create and apply a simulation project while learning the software. However, in the interests of maintaining the project focus, not every feature and function available in Human Options will be used or addressed. You should consult the online documentation that comes with the software installation to learn more about other functionality.


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