CATIA Training – 2D Layout for 3D Design

2D Layout for 3D Design workbench has the following benefits:
A tool to create specifications
• 2D preliminary geometry (parts only)
• Dimensioning, tolerancing, annotations, dress-up

2D Layout of 3D design
• Drafting-like sheets and views
• Transparent background and visualization filters for each view
• Advanced print management
• Drawing creation from 2D Layout
Concurrent 2D & 3D
• Generation of 3D geometry from 2D geometry
• In editing context with transparent display of 3D
Generative Drafting can still be used for deliverables
• Generation of initial design information (geometry, dimension, dress-up, etc.)
• Creation of view types not available into 2D to 3D design (breakout, broken, detail, etc.)
• Generation of geometry exact & normalized (fillets, etc.)


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