CATIA Training – Aerospace Sheetmetal Design

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:
-Use CATIA Aerospace Sheetmetal Design workbench to manage Sheetmetal parameters.
-Create and modify the design of a Hydro-formed Sheetmetal Part.
-Generate and draw a flattened part.
-Create a Knowledge Expert Check using characteristic curves.

Introduction to  Aerospace Sheetmetal Design

ASL Parameters

Creating the Web

Creating a Surfacic flange

Creating a Corner relief

Creating a Joggle

Creating flanges other than Surfacic flange

Creating a cutout

Creating Stamps

Creating a Hole

Creating a Circular cutout

Generating Folded and Flatterned parts

Drawing Generation


Exercise:Aerostructure,Bracket,Fighter Web Structure,Rib,Fairing Linking


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