CATIA Training – Equipment Arrangement Setup

Upon completion of this course you will be able to :
– Use the tools in the Equipment Arrangement workbench.
– Setup and administrate catalogs for the Equipment Arrangement Setup workbench.

Equipment Arrangement

Feature Dictionary Management

Course Environment Data

Design Rules Management

2D Digrams Catalogs Creation

Equipment Parts Creation

Equipment Library Catalogs

Create/Update the Feature Dictionary • The feature dictionary describes the equipment families, attributes and identification schemas.
Create/Manage design rules • Design rules contain filtering (for equipment creation) and equipment attributes lists (called discrete values)
2D symbols creation and catalogs library • Equipment and nozzle symbols to be used in the diagrams workbenches.
Equipment parts creation • Equipment parts which will be instantiated in the 3D design. This equipment parts can be unique or built from a table (several equipment with same geometry and different dimensions).
Equipment library catalogs creation/update • The equipment library catalog is linked to all the catalog parts. When an end user is askina for an eauioment creation. he is accessina to the cataloa to select the part to instantitate


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