Lantek Expert Cut module reference manual

Lantek Cut Iso… (Cutting machine)
To configure cutting machines, go to Work centers -> Action list -> Work center configuration ->
option. You need to select Cutting machine in the table.
The parameters that can be configured are divided in different sections. In order to configure the
parameters of a particular section, double click on it or select the desired one and press the
Configure. These sections are:

This option enables configuration of the parameters in the General section of the machine:
Linear tolerance (e.g.0,01000 ) & Angular tolerance (e.g. 0,100 )
The system is going to make calculations with these values. The machine tolerance must be
configured in
Postprocessor – General (See page 135).
Process the lead-in/lead-out, loops and micro-joints in the automatic nesting
If this parameter is activated, the space needed for leads, loops and micro-joints will be
considered in Automatic Nesting. The space left between parts could be enough but the system is
not going to guarantee the avoid of overlapping of parts with leads, loops or micro-joints unless
this option is enabled.
Use the minimum rectangle of parts and Angle step (e.g. 1,000 )
If this parameter is enabled, the parts will be turned so that the rectangle formed by the corners
(X-minimum, Y-minimum), (X-minimum, Y-maximum), (X-maximum, Y-minimum) and (Xmaximum, Y-maximum) of the selected part has the minimum area. Where:
X-minimum is the smallest X level of all the points of the part.
X-maximum is the greatest X level of all the points of the part.
Y-minimum is the smallest Y level of all the points of the part.
Y-maximum is the greatest Y level of all the points of the part.

With the minimum rectangle, the system will try to rotate the part and calculate the minimum area
used on the sheet by the part. The increments of angle to try is what Angle Step sets up. Then, in
the Automatic Nesting the program will place the part in the angles allowed (this can be
configured on Rotation Possibilities in the
Automatic Nesting (See page 89) dialog).
In some cases, activating this parameter, may produce Nesting with better usage of the sheet.
Favorite position for minimal rectangle
With this parameter the user can define the “Favorite position for minimal rectangle”. Once the
minimum rectangle of a part has been calculated to perform the nesting or to rotate a part, the
user will be able to rotate it and will be able to leave it in horizontal and/or vertical depending on
this parameter. The minimum rectangle will have the same dimensions after the rotations
There are 3 possible operations to define the preferred position for the minimum rectangle:
Horizontal, vertical, any of them. If the last one is active, the system will work as it has been
working. The system will calculate a minimum rectangle and it does not care if it is vertical or
Calculate the part dimensions without the auxiliar geometry
Auxiliar geometries are those which are included with the part for the machining process: leads,
loops, micro-joints. If this option is enabled, the system will use the real part dimension without
these geometries.
Restrict rotations in manual mode
If enabled, the system will not allow to place parts rotated on the nesting manually if the angle
has not been allowed on the part. The rotations for each part can be configured on the
Manufacturing Orders module, clicking with the right button over the part and choosing properties
will show the part configuration, clicking on more button, the rotations and symmetries
possibilities will be shown.


Prompt for data when ordering contours
The system automatically can assign cutting order to the contours in different steps of the
– When saving the part
– When the nesting module is executed
Both options can be configured in:
Work center -> Action list ->Work center configuration -> Save
(See page 24)
When this option is enabled, the system will show the Contour Ordering dialog. Here, the user
can configure the contour order (Clockwise or counter clockwise) that will be applied to the parts.
Clicking on button (i.e. ) will show this dialog too. This is the way for configuring the contour
ordering by default.
If the prompt for data when ordering contour option is disabled, the selected contour ordering will
be applied automatically in any of the previous configured assignation (when saving part or when
executing nesting module).


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