Introduction to ANSYS Meshing

Meshing Methods
Meshing Methods for Part/Body Meshing
Assembly Meshing covered separately
Methods & Algorithms for;
Tetrahedral Meshing
Hex Meshing
2D Meshing
Meshing Multiple Bodies
Selective Meshing
Recording Meshing Order

Global Mesh Controls
Introduction to Global Mesh Controls
General Sizing Controls & Advanced Size Functions
Global Inflation
Assembly Meshing Controls

Local Mesh Controls
Local mesh controls (Mesh sizing, Refinement, Match control, Inflation, etc)
How to apply local controls?
Effect of local controls on mesh

Mesh Quality & Advanced Topics
Impact of the Mesh Quality on the Solution
Quality criteria
Methods for checking the mesh quality
Tools to improve quality in Meshing
Concept of Assembly Meshing
Assembly Meshing Methods & Controls

Mixing Tank
This workshop will demonstrate the practical application of ANSYS Meshing to a mixing tank model. Access to DesignModeler is required.

Automotive External Aero
This workshop will demonstrate the practical application of ANSYS Meshing to an automotive external aero model.

2D Conical Combustion Chamber
This workshop will demonstrate the practical application of ANSYS Meshing to a 2d Conical Combustion Chamber Model.

Assembly Meshing
This workshop will demonstrate the application of Assembly Meshing to a CAD import assembly of parts.

Meshing of Manifold Model
This workshop illustrates how to use DM to create fluid domain from imported complex solid geometry, and mesh the model with acceptable quality using defeaturing tools.


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