Chapter 1 CAD Basics
This manual introduces you to the features of ProCAM CAD and Surfacing.

Chapter 2 Inserting Graphic Entities
The CAD toolbar is used to create and insert all CAD graphic entities. This chapter explains how to use the commands to insert points, lines, arcs, circles, fillets, chamfers, polygons,splines and text.

Chapter 3 Drawing in 3D
This chapter explains basic drawing procedures for locating entities on different planes in 3D space.

Chapter 4 Dimensions
After you have completed a part, you may need to use the dimensioning function to add annotations. This chapter explains how to insert dimensions and customize the appearance of the dimensions.

Chapter 5 CAD Skill Builder Exercises
Before you go on to the next chapter, complete the following exercises. The parts you draw in these exercises use the CAD commands that you have learned so far. If you need to refresh your memory, look back to the applicable section in the previous chapters and in the ProCAM II Getting Started Guide.

Chapter 6 Creating Surfaces
The information and exercises in this chapter help you understand the process to constructing surfaces from the geometry created in ProCAM CAD or imported from another CAD system. After you create a surface, you can modify the surface, if necessary, using the commands on the Utility toolbar. Then, you can rough and finish machine surfaces using the Multi-surface Machining cutting cycles to generate toolpaths and NC code for specific machine tool controllers.

Chapter 7 Manipulating Surfaces
After you have created a surface, you can use the commands on the Utility toolbar to make a finished surface that can be machined.Surfaces can be moved, copied, rotated, scaled and mirrored as explained in the ProCAM II Getting Started Guide. The commands and modifiers listed below provide additional options for manipulating surfaces. 

Chapter 8 Working with Surfaces
This chapter explains the commands you can use after you have created a surface to make a finished surface that can be machined.

Chapter 9 Surfacing Skill Builder Exercises
This chapter includes exercises that provide a chance for you to practice the functions you have learned in this manual. Instead of the step-by-step procedure used for the previous exercises, hints and tips furnish the information you need to complete the part from drawing through generating surfaces.
You will define operations and generate tool paths for similar parts when you go through the exercises in the
Multi-surface Machining Tutorial.


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