Chapter 1 – Getting Started
This manual is designed to introduce you to the features of the ProCAM Surface Machining system. The information and exercises in this chapter help you understand the process to generate toolpaths and NC code.

Chapter 2 – Roughing
There are several methods for removing material from rough stock to a surface. Each of these methods is called a machining or cutting cycle. The Multi-surface Machining system supports cutting cycles used to define roughing, finishing and contouring operations.This chapter provides exercises that explain the rough cutting cycle.

Chapter 3 – Slice Finish Cycles
This chapter provides exercises using the Advanced Slice Cut and Slice Cut commands to generate finish toolpaths. These commands are multi-surface finishing cycles that remove material based on the selected cutting strategy.

Chapter 4 – UV, Z-Level & Pencil Mill
This chapter provides exercises using the UV Cut, Z-Level Cut and Pencil Mill Cut commands to generate finish toolpaths.

Chapter 5 – More Advanced Machining Cycles
This chapter provides exercises using the Curve Projection, Constant Offset and Finish Flats commands to generate finish toolpaths.

Chapter 6 – Contour Cutting Cycles
The contour cutting cycles are Curve Cut and Free Form Cut. This chapter provides exercises using these cycles.

Chapter 7 – Drilling Cycles
The Drill command is used to insert drill toolpaths on points and circles. This command allows you to define a single drill toolpath or multiple operations for each drill location.This chapter provides exercises for Surface Drilling and Drill Roughing.

Chapter 8 – Verifying Toolpaths
ProVerify, which is completely integrated into ProCAM, graphically simulates actual material removal from stock. You can see the material being removed from the stock as the cutter proceeds along the toolpaths.
The Define Stock command allows you to define rectangular, cylindrical or extruded stock.In this release, this command is used only in ProVerify to provide a representation of the stock for accurate simulation.
2½ Axis Mill Tutorial explains the Define Stock command and the basics of using ProVerify. This chapter explains the additional functions that are available when verifying Surface Machining parts.


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