This manual is designed to introduce you to the features of the ProCAM Wire EDM system.
The information and exercises in this chapter help you understand the process to generate toolpaths and NC code.

This chapter provides an opportunity to learn ProCAM EDM through a step by step hands on tour of the features and functions. For more detailed information about a particular feature or function, see the applicable chapter.

Lesson 1 
Generating a 2 Axis with Taper Profile Tool Path
Using Different Corner Types and Taper Angles

Lesson 2
4 Axis Profile with Automatic Synchronization
4 Axis Profile with Manual Synchronization

Lesson 3
Generating a 2 Axis No Taper Skim Cut with Tab Removal
In this exercise, you create a 2 axis no taper skim cut with final tab removal, then you insert
the tool path using both opposite and same direction cutting to see the difference.

Lesson 4
2 Axis Core Removal
In the following exercises, you insert the 2 axis boundary, define the operation and generate
a core removal tool path.

Lesson 5
What You’ll Learn
Defining a Macro
Creating a Multiple Macro
Calling a Macro
Editing a Macro
Undefining a Macro
If your controller supports and is configured to output subprograms, you can use macro calls, multiples, etc., to output code that is significantly reduced in size.
If your machine or post processor does not support subprograms, macros are output as long code instead of subprograms. If this is the case, you can use the Move utility with the Move/Copy modifier to produce the same output.
In this lesson, you cut 8 parts on a stock plate using macros. The part has Skim Cutting tool paths for 2 skim passes and 1 tab cut. In the first three exercises, you define two macros,one for the skim cut tool paths and one for the tab cuts. Then you call a macro grid and two single macros for each macro. When the sheet of parts is post processed, the output creates two subroutines, one for the skim passes and the second for the tab cuts.The last two exercises show you how to edit and undefine macros.


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