SolidCAM Milling User’s Guide Vol.2

11. Machining Processes
Introduction & Basic concepts
SolidCAM enables you to automate repetitive tasks in CNC-Programming with the Machining Process
feature. Machining Process (MP) is the structure of fully parameterized Job Templates. In subsequent
identical or similar situations, the machining process templates can be either used directly or they can
be adapted to the new situation by giving values to its parameters.

11.1 Introduction & Basic concepts

11.2 Creating Machining Processes

11.3 Defining Machining Process Table
The Add MAC file(s) dialog enables you to choose a MAC-file or a set of similar MAC files for your
Machining Process. The MAC- file contains options oriented to the specific CNC Machine. This file
enables you to adapt your Machining Processes for your CNC Machines.

11.4 Machining Process Table Manager

11.5 Managing Machining Processes

11.6 Machining Process Define Manager

11.7 Using the Machining processes

11.8 Inserting The Machining Process

11.9 Machining Process Insert Manager

12. Automatic Feature Recognition and Machining (AFRM)
The SolidCAM Automatic Holes Feature Recognition and Machining (AFRM) module enables you to
automatically recognize holes in the Solid model and generate the tool path for machining.

12.1 Introduction and Basic Concepts

12.2 Preparation to Holes Recognition

12.3 Start Holes Recognition
When the AFRM module is activated, the Holes Recognition Manager is displayed. The SolidCAM
Holes Recognition Manager is shown in the SolidWorks Feature Manager area.

12.4 Holes Recognition User Interface

12.5 Hole Feature Model
SolidCAM determines the total Depth, Hole Upper Plane and Direction of each Hole Feature.
SolidCAM determines the geometry parameters of each Hole Feature segment.
The Upper plane of the Hole Feature is the upper Z-level of the hole determined in compliance with
the SolidWorks Part orig

12.6 Preparing Hole Features for the machining
SolidCAM classifies undercuts depending on the last Hole Feature segment included in undercut. The
classification is as follows:

12.7 Feature Sets

12.8 Technology
SolidCAM stores all Technology Solutions in the Technology Database. All the Technology Solutions
are classified according to the type of Machinable Hole Feature segments.

12.9 Generating Jobs

12.10 Technology Database
When SolidCAM is installed, the Global Technology Database is also installed in the system folder of SolidCAM. SolidCAM enables you to customize the Global TDB by adding and editing Technology
When SolidCAM starts the AFRM process, the Global TDB will be copied into the CAM-part folder.
This copy is called the Local TDB. During the AFRM process, SolidCAM receives data only from
the Local TDB. The Local TDB can be modified by the user for specific tasks in the context of the
specific CAM-Part.

12.11 Holes Recognition Settings


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