Basic 3D Concepts
This section introduces the basic concepts related to working with 3D designs. Before working in 3D,
you should understand the following:
• Viewing Designs
• Placing Elements in 2D
• Drafting Aids
• Manipulating and Modifying Elements
• Advanced 2D Drafting Techniques

Design cube
The design cube represents a 3D design file’s total volume. Points in 3D design files are defined with
x-, y-, and z-values, or coordinates. 3D design files consist of a design cube in which you work. Points
can be placed anywhere within the design cube, and are not restricted to a single plane. Design cube
coordinates are expressed in the form (x,y,z). A 3D design file contains 4,294,967,296 positional units
(UORs) in the x, y, and z-directions, analogous to the 2D Design plane. The global origin in the 3D
seed files provided with MicroStation is located at the exact center of the design cube and assigned
the coordinates (0,0,0). Any point in front of the global origin has a positive z-value and any point
behind it has a negative z-value


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