Moldflow Tutorial – Cooling

Cooling overview
Results interpretation
Model requirements
Modeling for cooling
Cooling analysis strategies
Cooling optimization
Cooling affects quality
Surface finish
Residual stresses
Thermal bending
Cooling affects production costs
Part temperature at ejection
Cycle time

Model Requirements for a Cooling Analysis

Cooling Analysis Strategies
Cooling analyses are performed to determine (in part)
Cooling line placement
Minimum cycle time
Minimum temperature distribution on cavity and/or core
Minimum temperature distribution between cavity and core
Whether high thermal conductivity inserts should be used

Cooling Optimization
Decision whether to optimize cooling depends on
What can be changed

Modeling for Cooling Analysis
Several mold components can be modeled for cooling analysis Cooling analysis requires circuits to be modeled, other components are optional Synergy provides a Wizard for water lines and mold boundaries, which will be described in this unit
Cooling Circuits Channels Baffles Bubblers Hose Thermal pin Inserts In-mold label Parting plane Mold boundary

Running a Basic Cooling Analysis
Select analysis sequence
Set injection location (optional)
Model cooling circuits
Check mesh orientation
Specify process settings


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